UPDATED: Hottest Games Worth Seeing from E3 2012

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Here are some sneak peaks at some of the top "potential" games at E3 this year...

Ubisoft delivers another amazing demo...

Aassassin's Creed finally evolves from 2 to 3...new additional settings and characters...

Laura deserves a good return to gaming and I'm hopeful that this product delivers...

Halo 4...with a whole new team and big shoes to fill!

Metal Gear has been a favorite of mind...even with the freaky characters and story-lines. I have really enjoyed the innovative stealth gameplay. It will be interesting to see how this game evolves the universe.

Rayman Legends exclusive to the new Nintendo Wii U

Resident Evil 6 - I still remember jumping out of my chair in RE1 when the dogs came through the window!

Star Wars 1313 - A more mature and dark story around a very lethal bounty hunter. A major collaberation of art talent across the Lucas groups.

And for those old-school simulation folks...an impressive looking new SimCity in heading our way!

I still haven't played the original Skyrim that came out last year. Everyone says it is great but takes an RPG-level of commitment that I just don't have at this time.

More to come...

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